Separator Hepa Filter

HEPA/ULPA filters are used today in the the medical, chemical, space, nuclear, food processing and semiconductor fields.
HEPA/’ULPA filters are needed for reducing airborne contaminants in cleanrooms and clean work stations.
Aerofil Plus A-cell is factory constructed by pleating a continuous sheet of high efficiency micro fiber glass media into closely spaced pleats with hemmed edge aluminum separators.
A-cell filter pack is fully sealed to its enclosing frame for a complete leak­ free filter, Various types of enclosing frame are available for selection to suit each individual application.
All A-cell filters are 100 percent inspection, through testing and quality assurance. Aerofil plus guarantees filter performance to your requirements


Frame : Galvanize steel , Aluminum
Efficiency : HEPA I ULPA Filters are available in three particle size efficiencies: 99.99%, 99.999% On 0.3 Micron and 99.9995% On 0.12 Micron (H13, H14 and U15 by EN1822 )
Separator : Aluminum foil
Gasket : EPDM
Sealant : Polyurethance
Humidity: ≤100% RH
Temperature : ≤ 80°C

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