Separator Medium Filter

0 High Efficiency water resistant media
rugged and strong. Designed for use in variable air volume system
0 Galvanized steel frame provides exceptional strength
() Hemmed edge aluminum corrugated separators
 0 All four sides sealed to eliminate air by – pass
0 More media area : Our 24x24X12



The @erofil A-pac is an extended surface, high efficiency filter constructed in rigid format.
 The filter utilizes a continuous sheet of wet-laid microfiber media that is deep pleated.This media can operate in application that have 100 % humidity.
Hemmed edge aluminum corrugated separators are placed between each pleat to stabilize the pack and ensure proper air flow through the filter.
 Sealing the media pack to all four sides of the frame eliminates air bypass. The result is a high integrity filter that delivers high efficiency and consistent performance.
The @erofil A-pac is available in 60-65%, 80-85%. and 90-95% efficiencies based on ASHRAE STD. 52.1-92 in 12″ depth.
The @erofil A-pac can be used in diverse conditions including 100 % humidity and turbulent or Variable Air Volume systems.
 Its rigid design allows VAV system to run at lower RPMs providing energy savings without negativity effecting the performance of the filter.
 With such integrity, this filter usually requires fewer changeouts than pocket or rigid cell filters.
The @erofil A-pac is an upgrade from lofted high efficiency fiberglass media filter than the provides more media per filter than the traditional pocket style or rigid cell filter.
 The construction and media of this filter eliminate fiber shedding and dust particle unloading.
Filter media Filter frame Flammability Operating limit Media sealant
Filter Media : Moisture – resistant micro fine fiberglass
Filter Frame : Flame – galvavized steel frame.
Flammability : UL 900 Class 1
Operating limit : 80°C and 100% RH continuous duty
Media sealant :Urethane


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