Cardboard Synthetic Pre Filter


A-pleat extended media pleated filters are ideal choice where economy and extended service life are important.
With efficiency of 30-35%, MERV8 (G4) arrestance 90-92% and extremely low pressure drop, A-pleat has largely replaced fiberglass or poly media disposable flat pad filters.

A-pleat is, suited for use as stand-alone filter and as prefilter for high efficiency filters. A-pleat can fit most holding frames and side access housings.
A-pleat is tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1-92 with performance tolerances that conform to ARI Standard 850-84. A-pleat is; UL900 Class 2 Flammability Class.


Enclosing Frame : Enclosing frame is rigid heavy duty beverage board with diagonal support.
Media : High performance non-woven, cotton and synthetic media.
Media Support Grid : Media is adhesive bonded to air leaving side to a 98% open area diamond metal support grid.
Pleat Design : Media is formed into “V” pleats for efficient air flow.
Bonding : Media is adhesive bonded to the enclosing frame to assure rigidity all operating conditions.

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