Minipleat Hepa V box type

V-Bank extended surface area low pressure drop minipleat filters are designed for using in most HVAC and Gas turbine systems
where medium to high efficiency filtration is required.
Moisture resistant for humid air applications
Minipleat panels provide rigidity for VAV systems and resistance to turbulant air flow Lowest clean pressure drop for energy savings and applicability to small fan systems



Filter media Filter frame Flammability Operating limit Media sealant
Filter Media : Moisture – resistant micro fine fiberglass
Filter Frame : Flame – retardant plastic or Galvanized sheet metal
Separators : Hot melt
Operating limit : ≤ 70°C and 100% RH continuous duty
Media sealant :Urethane
Efficiency :F6(EN779): 60-65% ASHRAE52.1-92
:F7(EN779): 80-85% ASHRAE52.1-92
:F8(EN779): 90-95% ASHRAE52.1-92
:F9(EN779): 95+% ASHRAE52.1-92
:H10(EN1822):≥85 at MPPS
:H11(EN1822):≥ 95 at MPPS
:H13(EN1822):≥99.95 at MPPS
:H14(EN1822):≥99.995 at MPPS
Recommended final pressure drop:  ≤ 600Pa

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